Contract Hire

Contract Hire

How Contract Hire works

Gives you the ability to enjoy driving a Mercedes-Benz including the cost of the Vehicle Excise Duty without having to take on full ownership.
  • Pay an advance rental at the start of your agreement.
  • You’d only repay part of the vehicle’s value, keeping your monthly rentals low.
  • Just make these payments until your agreement comes to an end.

What's included?

  • Fixed regular monthly rentals (that include VAT).
  • Rentals cover the cost of the Vehicle Excise Duty.
  • Monthly rentals are based on your annual mileage decided at the start of your agreement.
  • MOT reminders.
  • Administration of any speeding and parking fines when necessary.
  • Repair and maintenance options.
  • BUSINESS CUSTOMERS ONLY: Rentals are allowable against taxable profits.
  • BUSINESS CUSTOMERS ONLY: Reclaimable VAT depending on usage (proportionally).

At the end of your agreement

Contract Hire Summary


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