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Sowing the seeds of success: How lawn-care entrepreneurs Green Man Lawn Care found a partner they could rely on

If your business is in helping the grass to grow, you can’t afford to wait around. And when a worldwide pandemic leads to a greater demand for gardening supplies and services than ever before, you need to respond quickly if you want to stay in the game. 

The tools of the trade – green thumbs and stellar service

For lawn care experts Green Man Lawn Care, it was crunch time. They needed transport they could rely on in order to meet their customers’ needs and preserve their reputation across their 21 franchised branches. But with quality issues as well as poor supplier support, their established vans were letting them down. Managing Director Howard Abramson knew that a change was needed – and fast.

From personalised lawn analysis and advice, to treatment plans and special supplementary boosts which help gardens look their best – Green Man Lawn Care covers a wide range of horticultural services for customers across the country. It goes without saying, therefore, that their vans need to be up to the task of carrying a variety of tools, treatments and lawn care equipment, as well as getting the team to their appointments on time and in safety and comfort.

“Compared to the United States, the lawn care sector in the UK is still at an embryonic stage,” says Howard, who has a 15-year track record in the industry. “Our vision, therefore, is to develop a nationwide network of franchisees who, with the dedicated and knowledgeable backing of the Green Man Lawn Care branch support team, can look forward to emulating our own success.”

A technologically advanced lawncare service

In a market that was already steadily seeing an increase in popularity, it was clear that Green Man Lawn Care needed to find a strong USP that would set them up as a cut above their competiton – and that distinction came in the form of the team’s advanced technological know-how. From the unique algorothim which helps them manage and schedule appointments, to the central CRM logging system which contains an information-rich database of customer information and account history and can be accessed on the move – putting innovation at the forefront of their offering has kept Howard and his team moving, even when demand is high.

But as important as technology, reliability and durability is for this flourishing business, so too is the brand’s premium image and stellar reputation for its commitment to keeping its customers businesses – and lawns – blooming. Unfortunately however, their current vans were letting them down on all counts.

Discovering that the grass wasn’t greener

“We ran Mercedes-Benz vans when we started out, but we were only a small company at the time and money was tight, so we switched to a cheaper alternative,” Howard explains, recalling the issues the team had experienced with both the vehicles and their past supplier’s poor support. “I wish I’d known then what I know now, because it was a false economy,” he adds. “When a van’s off the road I see it as lost income, and I’m in no doubt that had we stuck with Mercedes-Benz we’d have more than recouped the small additional cost through reductions in vehicle downtime.”

The solution, then, was simple. As demand mounted and the business’s success looked sure to continue, Tom and Howard reached out to the team at Mercedes-Benz Colindale and were soon in contact with Sales Executive Steven Flavell. “Steve’s service has been phenomenal,” says Howard. “I can’t fault him.”

After spending some time discussing Green Man Lawn Care’s specific needs, Steven supplied them with a selection of models to accompany the pair of new Vito 114 CDIs still on lease from the company’s previous Mercedes-Benz arrangement in 2019 – including an Approved Used Citan 109 CDI, as well as the latest Citan.

Unlike some other manufacturers, all Approved Used Mercedes-Benz vehicles  undergo stringent quality control checks and pre-delivery inspections to ensure that they’re as good as buying new, while all new models are backed by three-year unlimited mileage warranties. Aftersales support is unrivalled too, with industry-leading MobiloVan roadside recovery service offered free of charge to all customers. 

Mercedes-Benz comes up smelling of roses

For Howard, the difference in quality and support has been immeasurable. “It’s all about how a van ages, and what happens when something goes wrong,” he says. “Unlike our established vehicles, a Mercedes-Benz still looks and drives like new after three years, while the manufacturer’s comprehensive aftersales support provides all the reassurance we need.”

So would Green Man Lawn Care go back to the cheaper alternatives to Mercedes-Benz vans? It doesn’t look likely. 

“We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience, and on providing customers with the best possible service,” says Howard , who now actively promotes Mercedes-Benz to its partners and franchise owners.


Business is blooming

The demand for gardening supplies and services has boomed during the pandemic, and Green Man Lawn Care needed to rise to the challenge

Growing a thriving franchise

The Green Man Lawn Care mission is to develop a nationwide network of lawn care experts

The tools of the trade

From tools and treatments to specialist lawn care equipment, the team rely on their vans to get everything they need to appointments on time, every time

The best of the bunch

The team’s new Mercedes-Benz vans are already helping them reduce downtime and increase efficiency

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