EM Pell and partners: The future is electric

E M Pell & Partners: the future is electric

Find out how this eco-conscious family business are getting the edge on their competitors with their new all-electric eVito

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Covering ground with the eVito

For Michael, whose background lies in farming, going electric was a natural step for a business with environmental interest at its roots. With its comfortable drive, generous load capacity and practically silent operation, the mid-sized eVito Panel Van was the clear choice. “We work for the local authority, and we’re always being asked about how we’re innovating and what we’re doing to reduce our carbon footprint,” Michael says. “The eVito is another little step we’re taking towards helping the environment – and it gives us an edge against some of our competitors.”

But for Michael and his team, getting to jobs around the county – at all times of day and night – is just as important as improving the sustainability of their operation. “We work in the community, we do traffic management, we cover emergency call outs,” Michael says. “For us it was about a vehicle that would take us from A to B.” And with the eVito’s combined WLTP range of 92 miles1, this was ground that E M Pell were able to reliably cover. In fact, Mercedes-Benz research has shown that 96% of journeys can be made in an electric vehicle2 – so Michael isn’t alone in finding the eVito’s range to be more than enough for his needs. 

All charged up for county-wide call-outs

Charging, too, has been much easier than the E M Pell team might have expected. Their own 22 kilowatt charging point was perfect for charging the electric van overnight. It takes just 6 hours for the eVito to achieve a full charge at an AC charging point and – as Michael goes on to note – the UK is well serviced when it comes to public charging stations, with over 38,500 now available at convenient locations across the country 3. “There are more charging points now then there are petrol pumps,” Michael points out.

For E M Pell, their acquisition of the eVito is only the beginning. “With government legislation saying that they’re going to have battery operated vehicles by 2030, we’ve gone and said well, okay, E M Pell & Partners will become electric by 2030… it helps us help our clients and it sets us apart from other businesses that wouldn’t even consider doing what we’re doing.” 

Cutting costs for future success

This move to electric will almost certainly help Michael and his team save money across their operation too, with electricity costs being far lower than fuel – especially as they take advantage of cheaper overnight tariffs. Maintenance costs are also much lower with electric vans like the eVito, due to the smaller number of moving parts.

And, as Michael points out, government grants such as the Home Charging and OZEV schemes make buying and powering an electric vehicle much more affordable. “We’re making a long-term investment in our business, and electric vehicles are the way forward,” he says. “To other businesses, I’d say – if you’re going to buy a new vehicle, why wouldn’t you go down the electric route?”

With over 20 years of experience working across Northamptonshire to manage and maintain assets, vegetation, traffic and arboricultural works, E M Pell & Partners are committed to making the very best of their county – and part of that commitment includes reducing their environmental footprint.

We spoke to managing director Michael Pell to find out how their new all-electric eVito is helping them meet their sustainable goals while improving their efficiency, enhancing their local reputation and saving them money across their operation.

1 Electrical WLTP range for the eVito Panel Van model in miles (Km): 83 (130) - 103 (166). Electrical consumption in kWh/100 km: 24.4 - 30.2; CO2 emissions in g/km: 0. Figures correct as of November 2020.

2 Mercedes-Benz research analysed 1.6 million journeys anonymously on the EQ Ready app and 96% of all journeys were shorter than 100km (62 miles).

3 Source: www.zap-map.com/statistics/