Mercedes PRO connect for Mercedes-Benz Electric Vans

No other manufacturer or software provider gives you greater visibility of your electric vans, for free*

The digital evolution of the van is here. Raise efficiency, improve safety, maximise security and reduce costs with Mercedes PRO connect, the world’s most intelligent, free* integrated vehicle monitoring software, designed to keep businesses moving.

  • No other manufacturer offers its own integrated vehicle monitoring software as standard, meaning no costly installation of ‘black boxes’ or software subscriptions for the first 2 years.
  • No other manufacturer or third party software provider reports data from as many points on and around the vehicle, in real time.
  • No other manufacturer gives you greater control over your vehicles, while saving time and money.
*Mercedes PRO Connect includes a range of digital services, free for 2 years with electric vans, to help manage your vehicle. Vehicles which are set-up and activated after 1 December 2020 will not be available with the following services: Eco Monitor, Drive Style monitor, Data Interfaces, Digital Trip Management, Internet In The Van or Fleet Communication. Please check with your local Dealer for the full scope of services available with your vehicle.

Mercedes PRO connect services specifically for electric vans

  1. Remote Status Updates

  2. Preconditioning

Explore all services available with Mercedes PRO connect

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