Vehicle Return Standards

If you have an Agility, Operating Lease or Contract Hire agreement, find out what to do before returning your vehicle, we have included examples of acceptable wear and tear and illustrations of chargeable damage.

  1. Body & Paint Acceptable

  2. Body & Paint Unacceptable

  3. Wheels, Tyres & Alloys Acceptable

  4. Wheels, Tyres & Alloys Unacceptable

  5. Component Conditions Acceptable

  6. Component Conditions Unacceptable

  7. Bumper & Body Moulding Acceptable

  8. Bumper & Body Moulding Unacceptable

  9. Interior Acceptable

  10. Interior Unacceptable

  11. Glass Acceptable

  12. Glass Unacceptable

You're nearing the end of your agreement

Now is the time to start thinking about the return of your Mercedes-Benz. This is designed to help prevent any avoidable charges you may be faced with, as it outlines our Vehicle Return Standards, and what we consider acceptable and unacceptable damage. To find out more about your options at the end of your Agility, Operating Lease, Contract Hire, Hire Purchase or Finance Lease agreement please click below.
Should you have any further questions, contact your local Dealer who will be able to offer you expert advice and guidance.

Notification of charges

If there is damage we believe is outside of our Vehicle Return Standards, an invoice will be raised for any applicable charges. To avoid any unexpected charges please be present when your vehicle is inspected, as this is your opportunity to view any damage we believe falls outside the Vehicle Return Standards.

This includes excess mileage, insufficient service history and extra days rental.

Arrange a collection

To arrange for the collection of your vehicle please email

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