Unique comfort with the top down.


Ready to take off..

Many innovations ensure even more dynamic spirit.


Ready to take off..

Many innovations ensure even more dynamic spirit.

EQ Boost. The force of mobility.

EQ Boost implies fast acceleration, silent gliding in coasting mode and reduced fuel consumption. For this purpose, a petrol engine per integrated starter alternator is intelligently electrified.

MULTIBEAM LED headlamps with ULTRA RANGE main beam headlamps.
As if the C-Class Cabriolet could see into the future: state-of-the-art, full LED headlamps with extraordinary design shine brighter, more accurately and intelligently than ever before.

The light always accurately switches on where it is required via 84 individually controllable LEDs. Integrated ULTRA RANGE main beam headlamps increase the range of the light beam to the legally permitted maximum on open, straight roads.

Available with Premium and Premium Plus model lines.

Multimedia system display
The 26-cm (10.25-inch) high-resolution multimedia system display lends the interior a particularly high-quality feel.

Thanks to the higher resolution of 1920 x 720 pixels you can enjoy brilliant image quality with a crisp illustration of all infotainment content.

Available as standard.


Change from a stylish convertible to a racy sports car: simply by pressing a button.

Calibrate the suspension in detail yourself: thanks to DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL you will find the perfect balance between maximum agility and high levels of comfort to match the road ahead and your personal driving style.

Telematics and navigation

It shows the future.

About touches, information seemingly floating in the air, and brilliant pixels.

Telematics and navigation

It shows the future.

About touches, information seemingly floating in the air, and brilliant pixels.

    Wireless charging system for mobile devices

    The image shows the wireless charging system of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet.

    Driving time becomes charging time - with just a simple hand movement your smartphone can be fixed in place in the centre console where it is charged wirelessly. Irrespective of the model and brand, all smartphones supporting the Qi standard are charged wirelessly.

    Smartphone Integration

    The image shows smartphone integration on the multimedia system display.

    Smartphone Integration merges the mobile phone with the media system via Apple® CarPlay® and Android Auto®. This gives you convenient access to the most important apps on your smartphone. You can also use apps from third-party service providers such as Spotify quickly and easily.

    New displays

    The image shows the fully digital instrument cluster of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet.

    The fully digital instrument display with the display styles "Classic", "Progressive" and "Sporty" enables you to decide which information is important to you and in which way you wish to have it displayed. The 31.2 cm (12.3-inch) display delivers a razor-sharp image which is very easy to read in all light conditions.

    Head-up display

    The image shows the head-up display in the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet.

    The outlook for sporty driving pleasure and effortlessly superior driving feel is good: the Head-up Display transforms your windscreen into an exciting digital cockpit. As such you always have a direct view of key information. Your full attention remains on the road and the traffic conditions in front of you.

    *Optionally available for Meredes-AMG models only.

    COMAND Online

    The image shows the multimedia system display of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet.

    You can get to your destination quicker and stress-free with COMAND Online, the premium navigation system which is perfectly integrated into the cockpit featuring the Mercedes look and feel. Thanks to Live Traffic Information and Car-to-X Communication, you can avoid traffic jams and be made aware of possible sources of danger even earlier, for example.

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    Mercedes me connect

    Connecting you with your car.

    Mercedes me connect

    Connecting you with your car.

    Become part of an intelligently connected world.

    With Mercedes me connect, you can stay connected to your car at anytime, any place. From checking your fuel level to locking your car with your smartphone, we are confident that Mercedes me connect will make your life that little bit easier by providing you with a range of comprehensive services to support you while on the move.

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