Mercedes-Benz Finance COVID-19 FAQs

What should I do?

Frequently Asked Questions.

Mercedes-Benz Finance COVID-19 FAQs

What should I do?

Frequently Asked Questions.

Why are you only extending finance agreements for a short time?
We’re helping unprecedented numbers of customers and have to plan for the current situation with COVID-19 to last longer than 3 weeks. We’re therefore offering our customers the option to extend their agreement from 1-3 months

If you choose to have your vehicle collected, you'll need to contact our logistics partner British Car Auctions (BCA) to organise this and their number is 0370 121 0535. Alternatively, we'll call you just before your agreement is due to end to arrange for your vehicle to be collected.

Can I extend my agreement for longer than 3 months?
We can extend your agreement for longer, but this will change the value of your vehicle at the point it's returned to us and will mean your monthly payment will increase. We’ll try to get as close to your currently monthly payment as possible, but can only do this for extensions that are 1-3 months in duration.

I’m working from home, so how will I sign and return the paperwork to go ahead with an extension?
If you’re happy with the quote we’ve provided you, all you’ll need to do is reply to our email and this gives us your consent to make changes to your finance agreement.

If I extend my agreement, is the cost of my Vehicle Excise Duty (also known as “vehicle tax” or “road tax”) included?
If your agreement is extended (Agility Personal Contract Plan and Operating Lease customers), you'll still need to pay the Vehicle Excise Duty during this time. If you have a Contract Hire agreement, we'll tax your vehicle as normal. 

I want to extend my agreement but I’m in financial difficulty.
We’re here to help if you’re struggling to make the payments on your finance agreement, we have a range of options available including a payment holiday of up to 3 months.

Please email us at with your agreement number or vehicle registration, including the reason you require financial support, and the level of support you need. 

We’ll treat each case individually and work with you to help where we can, but we have to look at individual circumstances. Our aim will always be to help you achieve the right outcome for your needs. Please title your email Coronavirus.

I was planning to return my vehicle to a Retailer
It’s not currently possible for you to return your vehicle to a smart or Mercedes-Benz showroom. If you want to return your vehicle, our logistics partner British Car Auctions will manage this. They’ll get in touch soon to arrange for your vehicle to be collected (unless you’ve chosen another end of contract option). If you have any questions, please email

I would like to keep my car but can’t afford the optional purchase payment (balloon).
If you have an Agility (Personal Contact Plan) agreement and you’d like to keep your vehicle, you can spread the cost of the final payment with refinancing. Please email us at and we’ll be in touch within 4 working days to arrange this for you.

If I can’t pay for my vehicle will my credit file be affected?
If you take a payment holiday, the payment status of your credit record with us won’t change. If your agreement is up to date, it will still appear that way. If it was already in arrears before taking a payment holiday, it will continue to show in arrears but it won’t get any worse. Importantly, you will not be show as having missed payments or as having built up arrears – things that can damage your credit score. And an agreed payment holiday won’t be recorded in your overall credit report.

Do I need to insure my vehicle if I’m not using it?
Your vehicle must be insured when it's in your possession, before and right up until the point it's collected. 

Can I still visit my Retailer?
The government announced that car showrooms can open from 1 June and many of our Retailers still welcome enquiries via telephone or digital contact. Click here to search and compare every new car in stock in the Online Showroom.

Servicing and MOTs.
The majority of workshops will remain open with a limited team to accommodate breakdowns and the service of key workers’ cars. So, we’ve put in place a temporary revised limit for overdue services:

For Mercedes-Benz cars, the limit has increased to 180 days / 3,728 mileage interval exceeded (previously 90 days / 1,864 mileage interval exceeded).

For smart, the limit has increased to 180 days / mileage interval exceeded by 20% (previously 90 days / mileage interval exceeded by 10%).

If you have any other questions about servicing or MOTs please click here.

What if I have a Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare agreement?
More information is available on the owners section of the Mercedes-Benz website. Please click here.