Contract Hire - End of Agreement

Covid-19 Update

The new process for Contract Hire – End of Agreement.

Covid-19 Update

The new process for Contract Hire – End of Agreement.

You’re getting close to the end of your Contract Hire Lease agreement.

There are a number of options available as you approach the end of your finance agreement and your Retailer will get in touch to provide more detail on these.

All Mercedes-Benz and smart showrooms are open. Visit the Online Showroom for all the latest offers across the range

We’ll also call you to find out what your plans are, but if you prefer, you can email us. As a reminder, your end of contract options are:

Return your vehicle.

If you want to return your vehicle, our logistics partner British Car Auctions will manage this. They’ll get in touch soon to arrange for your vehicle to be collected (unless you’ve chosen another end of contract option). If you have any questions, please email

Can I extend my existing finance agreement?

Extensions of up to 3 months in duration

Please email if you want to extend your agreement and include your vehicle registration number or agreement number with your request. We’ll ask you to confirm if you have another Mercedes-Benz or smart on order and recommend that you contact your Retailer who will go through all your end of contract options with you. 

Your Retailer can value your vehicle, talk you through how to part-exchange it, organise a test drive and provide quotes for your next Mercedes-Benz. You can also search every car in stock today and explore our latest offers in our Online Showroom. With click & collect and home delivery available. 

Extensions of between 3 and 6 months in duration
Please contact your Retailer in the first instance as they will need to arrange a longer contract extension on your behalf. We’ll ask them to confirm the expected delivery date of your next Mercedes-Benz or smart as part of the request. 

Other points to note
We can only extend your agreement by a whole calendar month. Any request must be made in the last 6 months of your agreement, but before the last 30 days of your contract (you may be too close to the maturity of your agreement for us to arrange an extension). Please allow up to 7 days for your request to be processed. While we’ll try to get close to your existing monthly payment, this may not be possible in some instances. We’ll also need to undertake credit and affordability checks and we’ll provide you with a quote if your extension request is approved. Your quote is only valid for 14 days, so please sign and return it within this timeframe if you want to go ahead with an extension.

What happens next?

We’ll be in touch shortly to find out your plans.

How does Contract Hire usually work?

Now it's time to return your Mercedes-Benz

How does Contract Hire usually work?

Now it's time to return your Mercedes-Benz

We will be in touch towards the end of your agreement to guide you through the end of agreement process. Simply, return your vehicle at the end of your agreement without making any further payments apart from any potential excess mileage, damage or service history related charges.

I want to return my vehicle. What do I need to do?

You have two options for returning your vehicle

I want to return my vehicle. What do I need to do?

You have two options for returning your vehicle

1. Our Returns Programme

returning your vehicle
Watch again

1. Our Returns Programme

Hand your vehicle back to your local Retailer where together you will complete an appraisal of your vehicle. To do this, you need to phone your Retailer and set up an appointment with them.

2. Arrange an Inspection and Collection

Watch again

2. Arrange an Inspection and Collection

You can arrange to have your vehicle inspected and collected at your home address or place of work. During your inspection we will be assessing the internal and external condition of your vehicle, please familiarise yourself with our Vehicle Return Standards ahead of your inspection.

To book a collection, call British Car Auctions (BCA) on 0370 121 0535. You can also email

If the collection agent hasn’t arrived at the agreed time, call BCA on 0370 121 0535 and they’ll be able to re-arrange your appointment.

For more information on the returns process including our vehicle return standards see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below:

Hand back your vehicle FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together some questions you may have at the end of your Agility agreement.

Hand back your vehicle FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together some questions you may have at the end of your Agility agreement.

    • Vehicle Return Standards

      Vehicle Return Standards

      When you return your vehicle at the end of your agreement, it needs to be road legal. If it’s not you could be charged, so make sure it has:

      • No warning lights showing
      • Tyres with a minimum tread of 1.6mm
      • No cracks or damage to the windscreen outside of the return standard
      • A valid MOT - remember that any vehicles over 3 years old need an MOT certificate
    • Are there any charges I could incur?


      If there is damage we believe is outside of our Vehicle Return Standards, an invoice will be raised for any applicable charges. To avoid any unexpected charges please be present when your vehicle is inspected, as this is your opportunity to view any damage we believe falls outside the Vehicle Return Standards. This includes excess mileage, insufficient service history and extra days rental.


      To discuss any queries you may have relating to Charges, chat to one of our advisors now. To find out more information on damage charges, please download our damage chart matrix.

    • Repairs


      If your vehicle needs any repairs, you should get these fixed before the return date. This will help you avoid or reduce any additional fees when returning your vehicle.

      Our Mercedes-Benz trained technicians use GenuineParts which forms part of our Vehicle Return Standards requirements.

    • Personalised Number Plates

      Personalised Number Plates

      If you have a personalised number plate and wish to keep it, it is important to place it on retention with the DVLA at least 10 – 12 weeks prior to your Finance Agreement maturing to avoid any additional charges or loss of your number plate. However, if you no longer wish to keep your number plate please advise Customer Services on 0370 847 0700. Please make sure the private number plate is taken off the vehicle and the new registration plates are put on before collection.

      You can call the DVLA on 0300 796 0802 to retain your private number plate or, it is usually faster to apply online using the link below.

    • How do I complete the V5C Registration Document?

      V5C Registration Document

      Six weeks before return; we will send you a letter that will tell you what to do with the V5C Registration Document (Logbook) when you return your vehicle.

      • Please follow the instructions on the V5C. Fill out the ‘selling, transferring or part-exchanging’ section and hand the rest of the V5C to the Collection Agent.
      • Please be advised, a £25 (plus VAT) fee will be payable if the vehicle is returned without the V5C.

      For queries relating to your V5C, please call us on 01908 697526. If you misplace your V5C document, simply contact the DVLA on 0300 790 6802 to request a duplicate. You should receive this within five working days. You can find more information on the DVLA using the link below.

    • Digital Service Book, MOT and Service history

      Digital Service Book, MOT and Service history

      You can get your digital service book in Mercedes me or your Retailer can print this out for you.

      If you’re due to have a service before the end of your agreement we recommend using a Mercedes-Benz Retailer who:

      • Use Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts
      • Are all part of the Motor Industry Code of Practice for Service and Repair
      • Have highly skilled technicians to diagnose, service or repair your vehicle

      Having a trusted service history will also benefit you if you sell your car in the future.

      Make sure you have a valid MOT certificate, all vehicles over three years old from the date of registration require one.

    • Your hand back Checklist

      Items to be returned with your Mercedes-Benz

      • V5C log book
      • Factory fitted alloys
      • All keys for the vehicle
      • Locking wheel nuts
      • Navigation equipment including unit disc/SD card
      • Complete Service Manual
      • Transmitter and codes
      • MOT certificate (if applicable)
      • The literature pack/Handbook (e.g. user manual etc.)
      • Wheel Key
      • Alarm system
      • Please remove all personal data and any phone history from the navigation system
      • First Aid Kit
      • Tirefit Kit (air compressor and full tube of sealant) if your car came with one
      • Parcel Shelf
      • All loose items
    • Is your vehicle linked with our Mercedes me connect?

      Is your vehicle linked with our Mercedes me connect?

      If you have linked your vehicle with the Mercedes me connect you are obliged to delete the link before selling the vehicle. You can either do this yourself in Mercedes me or through your authorised Mercedes-Benz Retailer. 

      The vehicle will then be removed from your user account automatically. If there are other vehicles with Mercedes me connect functions linked to your user account, the services for these vehicles will continue to function as before.

    • I wish to make a complaint

      I wish to make a complaint

      If you are not happy with your Vehicle Inspection Report, or you do not agree with the invoice for damage/excess. please contact our De-fleet Team on 0370 240 1110 between 8.30am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday where they will be happy to help with your enquiry.