Loading Area Accessories


Robust, easy to clean loading bed

Mountain bikes, bales of hay, chainsaws, whatever you want; the X-Class’s loading bed can easily handle dirty, wet or dusty objects up to a length of 1,587mm and weight of 1,092 kg. Between the wheel arches, the loading bed is wide enough for a transversely loaded Euro pallet.

Load bed cover

Weather-resistant bedding provides effective protection against water damage over time.

Rail system for Cargo retention

The loading area is equipped with rails on 3 walls so you can secure cargo with straps – and keep everything where it should be.

Water and dust protection

3 fixed seals on the boot lid help to protect the truck against water and dust.

Load bed anchoring rail

4 cargo retention rails, attached to the bottom of the truck bed, allow for confident load securing.

180° tailgate opening

The tailgate can be folded down completely for full and convenient access to the rear (available only with the PURE line).

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