Simplified Fleet Communication Basis.

Fleet manager and driver directly connected.

€ XX monthly

With the "Simplified Fleet Communication Basis",, you can establish a direct connection between the fleet manager and driver. This makes your communication more interactive, quicker and harder to misunderstand. The fleet manager can use the Vehicle Management Tool to send messages to the Mercedes PRO connect App and distribute assignments.

Your advantages at a glance.

Direkte Kommunikation zwischen Fahrer und Flottenmanager

Direct communication.

Between fleet manager and driver.
Vermeidung von Missverständnissen in der Kommunikation

Avoidance of misunderstandings.

In communications.
Zeitersparnis und höhere Produktivität

Time savings and increased productivity.

As the fleet manager and driver communicate directly.

Included services.

  1. Fleet Communication

  2. Internet in the car

Compatible models and applications.

Vehicles and models

Sprinter 907, Sprinter 910, Vito 447 (from 05/2019), eVito 447
Vehicle Management Tool
Mercedes PRO connect App

MBUX multimedia system

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