Digital Driver's Log.

Save time when it comes to filling in driver's logbooks.

€ XX monthly

Never write up the vehicle log by hand again: with the "Digital Driver's Log", from Mercedes PRO connect you benefit from the clear depiction of all trips made by your vehicles and receive a signed PDF for your tax returns at the press of a button.

Does your tax authority accept the PDF document? Using this sample document, test whether the PDF document complies with the regulations of your local tax authority.

Your advantages at a glance.

Alle steuerrelevanten Daten als PDF

All tax-relevant data as a PDF.

Digitale Erfassung aller Daten

Digital recording of all data.

Einfachere Arbeitsabläufe

Simplified work processes.


Included services.

  1. Digital Trip Management

  2. Digital Driver's Log

Compatible models and applications.

Vehicles and models

Sprinter 907, Sprinter 910, Vito 447 (from 05/2019), eVito 447

Vehicle Management Tool

Mercedes PRO connect App

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