Data interfaces Mercedes-Benz Vans.

Integrates Mercedes-Benz vans into any fleet management system.

Our offer.

The solution if your Mercedes-Benz fleet needs integrating into an existing system. Relevant data is transferred across into your fleet management system. In this way, you can manage your entire fleet in a clear way from within a single environment.

Vehicle Data Interface.

The interface for all vehicle information concerning your Mercedes-Benz van.

€ XX monthly

Vehicle Data Interface light.

The interface for vehicle and position data of your Mercedes-Benz van.

€ XX monthly

The components of Mercedes PRO connect.

Discover more about the Mercedes PRO connect components which enable communication between fleet managers, drivers and vehicles and above all: make it considerably easier.

Start now and test at a discount price!

Secure your new-customer reduced rate and as part of the Welcome Offer "Data Interface" use the "Vehicle Data Interface" from Mercedes PRO connect for three months, at a particularly favourable rate and without obligation.

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