Data Interface Adapter.

Obtain an overview of your fleet.

€ XX monthly

Wouldn't it be nice to have an overview of all your vehicles in a single vehicle management system, even if they're not all from the same manufacturer? The Vehicle Data Interface for vans from Mercedes-Benz makes that possible. The only hardware you need for it is the Mercedes PRO Adapter and the driver's smartphone.

Your advantages at a glance.

Mercedes-Benz Fahrzeuge in Ihr System integrieren

Integrate Mercedes-Benz vehicles into your system.

Gesamte Flotte im Überblick

Overview of your entire fleet.

Standard-Fahrzeug- und Positionsdaten

Standard vehicle and position data.


Included services.

  1. Vehicle Data Interface light

  2. Maintenance and Repair Management

Compatible models and applications.

Vehicles and models

Vito 639 from 11/2010, Vito 447 from 10/2014 to 04/2019, Sprinter 906 from 04/2006

Mercedes PRO Adapter App

Mercedes PRO connect App

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