Accelerating Efficiency Mercedes PRO Adapter.

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Introducing the Mercedes PRO Adapter

The digital, connected future of the van continues to accelerate. Mercedes PRO Adapter, the first professional connectivity from Mercedes-Benz, links companies with their vehicles* and works to increase your efficiency, transparency and productivity.

Experience Mercedes PRO Adapter

  • Mercedes PRO Adapter gives the Fleet Manager total transparency. The Vehicle Management Tool allows you to see the current and last known positions of the vehicles in your fleet. This allows you to coordinate your fleet, in real time. To aid fleet communication, you can send messages directly to the driver of the vehicle, via the Mercedes PRO driver’s app** - making your fleet more efficient.
  • The service data of the vehicle is also shared with the Fleet Manager. At a glance, you can see whether a vehicle is due or overdue a service. By using this feature, vehicle downtime can be reduced and servicing planned around your business.

Description of the services

Vehicle Logistics

View where your vehicles are in real time; create geofences, which inform the fleet manager if a vehicle enters or leaves a defined geographical area and create and send points-of-interest to your drivers.

Fleet Communication

Send messages, addresses and telephone numbers between the Vehicle Management Tool and the driver’s Mercedes PRO Adapter App quickly and conveniently while the vehicle is being loaded or unloaded.**

Maintenance Management

View your vehicles’ service status, battery, and fuel tank level and receive tailor-made offers to create more transparency and help simplify servicing.

Digital Driver’s Log

A digital list of previously made trips helps to differentiate between business trips, commutes and private journey's. Trips can be exported to .csv file format.

Vehicle Status

Overview of the status/use of the vehicles in the fleet through transfer, processing and analysis of the vehicle data. Metrics like mileage and fleet utilisation can be analysed.

Efficient Vehicle Management

Three elements make up the Mercedes PRO Adapter connectivity system.

Vehicle Management Tool

  • The Vehicle Management Tool is the ‘control centre’. From here, vans can be coordinated clearly and deployed efficiently. It provides fleet managers/dispatchers with all the functions necessary to drive their business forward even more productively and to identify and implement potential savings. The Vehicle Management Tool also ensures compliance with data protection requirements.

Mercedes PRO Adapter App and Adapter

  • The Mercedes PRO Adapter App** is used by the driver to exchange information with the fleet manager via the Vehicle Management Tool. The app allows important vehicle and work related information to be called up. Trips made can be displayed to the driver in a transparent manner and can be exported to a .csv file.

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*Mercedes PRO Adapter is available for the Vito 639 from 11/2010 production onwards and for the Sprinter from 2006 production onewards.
**Use of the Mercedes PRO Adapter App services (such as vehicle communication) while driving is not permitted.