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Your Finance Agreement

  1. Changing my Details

  2. Outstanding Balance

  3. Direct Debit Queries

  4. Change of Registration Number

  5. Agreed Annual Mileage

  6. Fines and Charges

  7. Financial difficulties

  8. Statements and Invoices

  9. What is your bereavement process?

End of your Finance Agreement

  1. When can I discuss my options before my agreement ends?

  2. How much is the Optional Final Payment for my agreement?

  3. When is the Optional Final Payment due?

  4. I want to return my vehicle. What do I need to do?

  5. When will my vehicle be inspected?

  6. Does the vehicle have to be clean upon collection?

  7. Does the vehicle have to be fully fuelled?

  8. What do you class as fair wear and tear?

  9. What condition must my tyres be in upon return?

  10. What must I send back with my vehicle?

  11. I have a personalised / cherished number plate from my vehicle. What should I do with this when I hand back my vehicle?

  12. What happens if I do not return the V5C (formally V5) (logbook) or service history?

  13. What part of the V5C (formally V5) do I fill in?

  14. Do I have to get an MOT for my vehicle before returning it?

  15. Can my vehicle be collected later than the agreement end date?

  16. Can I change the date my vehicle is collected?

  17. I haven't heard from the collection agents. When will they contact me?

  18. Can I return my vehicle before the agreed time?

  19. Can your driver collect keys from one address and the vehicle from another?

  20. Will the driver do anything before taking the vehicle?

  21. Who do I contact if the collection agent is late?

  22. I am not happy with what the driver has put on the Vehicle Inspection Report. What should I do?

  23. I don’t agree with the invoice I've received for damage / excess mileage. Who can I contact to discuss this?

  24. Can you remove my phone kit / decals?

  25. I've left some items in my vehicle that I would like returned. Can you send them back to me?


  1. I want to make a claim

  2. General Insurance Questions

  3. Can I transfer my Mercedes-Benz GAP Insurance Policies

  4. Does my Mercedes-Benz GAP Insurance Product Cover me abroad?

Know your rights

  1. How do I obtain a copy of the personal information you hold on me?

  2. Types of Agreement

  3. What is the European Consumer Credit Directive?

  4. Voluntary Termination

  5. Who regulates Mercedes-Benz Financial Services?

  6. Withdrawal

  7. Partial Settlements

  8. Statements


  1. I would like to make a complaint about my finance agreement.

  2. I would like to make a complaint about my insurance agreement.

Further FAQs

  1. Changing my Details

  2. Can I settle my Mercedes-Benz finance agreement early?

  3. Can I have a copy of my documents?

  4. Driving abroad

  5. Service contract and warranty

Vehicle Return Standards

If you have an Agility, Operating Lease or Contract Hire agreement, find out what to do before returning your vehicle, examples of acceptable wear and tear and illustrations of chargeable damages.

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