Freedom of choice at all times.

The GLE is ready to take on any challenge. If you are.

The picture shows a head-on view of the GLE SUV on a gravel island in a river bed.

In its element on every terrain.

Freedom of choice at all times.

The GLE is ready to take on any challenge. If you are.

Off-road enthusiasts will be delighted. And everyone can enjoy the luxury of being able to head into difficult terrain without a second thought.

Off-road enthusiasts will be delighted. And everyone can enjoy the luxury of being able to head into difficult terrain without a second thought.

With the GLE you can enjoy every metre on the way to your destination. You can use the DYNAMIC SELECT Controller to adjust the handling to your wishes: Comfort, Sport, Sport+, Slippery, Off-road, Individual.

The optional Off-Road package "Off-road+" drive program provides the optimum settings for driving off the beaten track. Its low-range gearbox facilitates slow and better-paced off-road driving, with a high level of traction.

Always ready to take the shortest route.

Always ready to take the shortest route.

Whether on a steep road up to a memorable look-out point to crown your day out or on wet or snowy roads on your everyday commute: the GLE's all-wheel-drive system will save you the diversions that rob you of your time and dynamism, and endow you with a presence, both on and off-road, that speaks of focus and control. Working with the superior suspension and other on-board systems, the GLE's drive technology always gets you safely to your destination – by the shortest route if you so wish.

    On dirt tracks, the 4MATIC all-wheel drive system gives the GLE SUV the traction it needs.

    Photo: Tim Adler

    4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive ensures excellent handling on any surface.

    Off-road or on, in rain, ice or snow, it boosts traction, driving dynamics and driving stability in conjunction with ABS, ESP® and the Electronic Traction System 4ETS. And the all-wheel-drive system does it without recourse to conventional differential locks. The wheels with insufficient grip are braked in a targeted manner and the drive torque transferred to the wheels with sufficient traction is increased. With these rapid, automatic braking impulses, virtually the same effect can be achieved as with three differential locks.

    At the heart of the 4MATIC system is a single-stage transfer case with an open planetary gear central differential that ensures rotational speed compensation between the axles. The defined 50:50 power distribution between front and rear axle guarantees superbly confident, predictable handling characteristics.

    Moving off or accelerating on snow, wet roads or loose ground – under these conditions, ASR Acceleration Skid Control reduces wheel slip to prevent the vehicle from skidding.

    The system uses speed sensors to monitor wheel slip. If the Acceleration Skid Control system detects that a wheel is starting to spin, it corrects the wheel speed by braking and intervening in the engine management system. This reduces wheel slip and minimises wheel spin.

    The picture shows the GLE SUV on a rocky outcrop.

    Safe and relaxed downhill driving: this system allows a speed to be set between 1 and 10 mph for steep descents, which is then maintained - within the limits of physics - with the help of the engine control system, transmission control and application of the brakes.

    In critical handling situations, the Electronic Stability Program ESP® can keep the vehicle from skidding. With targeted brake interventions on individual wheels ESP® reduces oversteer or understeer tendencies and thus increases handling safety.

    This automatic and autonomous system can, within a given speed range, use brake interventions to keep individual drive wheels from spinning when starting off or accelerating or both drive wheels from momentarily spinning on bends.

    The picture shows the exposed suspension of the GLE.

    Superbly smooth on any surface: the GLE suspension.

    Steep descents, difficult terrain, loose track surfaces – or sometimes an inviting straight stretch of road ahead: every metre travelled on any surface is exhilarating in the GLE. The suspension of this off-roader masters the road or track ahead effortlessly and, with the optional AIRMATIC air suspension<p>Available as part of the optional Off-Road package or optional Dynamic package.<br> &nbsp;</p> , has a setting specific to each of your driving experiences.

    Depending on the engine variant, the GLE chassis will either feature steel suspension with the selective damping system (and lowering of the vehicle on some models) or the electronically controlled Adaptive Damping System ADS/ADS PLUS. The selective damping system adjusts automatically to the driving situation and in this way the damping effect and stability are enhanced, especially on uneven ground.