How Agility works.

At the start of an Agility agreement, you decide an amount you would like to put down as a deposit and decide the term of your agreement as well as your annual mileage.

Your Finance Specialist will advise you of the Optional Purchase Payment of your chosen Mercedes-Benz Van, which offers you the reassurance of knowing exactly what you will need to pay to own the vehicle outright in the future (this is also known as the Optional Purchase Payment).

The Optional Purchase Payment helps you guard against the risk of unplanned depreciation and enables you to benefit from lower monthly payments as you are only financing a proportion of the vehicles value.

Throughout your agreement you simply pay your agreed monthly payments.

Agility features include:

• Fixed regular payments mean you can easily budget.
• Payments are based only on a proportion of the van’s value, keeping your  
  monthly payments lower.
• Our Optional Purchase Payment avoids the risk of unplanned depreciation of
  your vehicle.
• You defer your ownership decision until the end of the agreement.
• The vehicle is an asset on the balance sheet, therefore tax allowances may be
   deducted from taxable profits.

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