Vehicle maintenance

Mercedes-Benz Van maintenance.
Because prevention is better than cure

Free, no-obligation Visual Health Check.

Looking out for you and your business.

There’s no such thing as too safe or too reliable – especially during busy trading periods. Book a free, 15-minute van Visual Health Check with your nearest approved Dealer and our Mercedes-Benz trained technicians will carry out a thorough visual inspection of your vehicle – spotting issues before they become an issue, to reduce unexpected downtime and repair bills.

28 critical maintenance point inspections.

  • Brakes: front/rear pad wear, front/rear disc condition
  • Under vehicle: steering condition, suspension condition, drivetrain check
  • Under bonnet: brake fluid level, coolant level, V belt tension/condition, fluid leaks, battery security/condition
  • Wheel and tyres: tyre depth/condition
  • Exterior vehicle: windscreen condition, window condition, exterior mirror condition, wiper condition
  • Exterior lights: lights operation, lens condition
  • Interior vehicle: horn, washers, wiper operation, seatbelt operation/condition, parking brake operation

Keep on top of AdBlue levels.


A legal requirement that maximises efficiency and safety

Collision Repair.

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