Maintain profitability with Mercedes-Benz van repairs


Collision repairs

Wear and tear repairs

National pay as you go repair pricing

Supply and fit* Sprinter 2006 onwards Vito 2004-2015 model Vito 2015 onwards Citan
Front wiper blades £35.00 £40.00 £44.00 £40.00
Front brake pads £135.00 £100.000 £110.00 £100.00
Front brake pads & discs £260.00 £230.00 £250.00 £225.00
Rear brake pads £120.00 £105.00 £120.00 £99.00
Rear brake pads & discs £265.00 £285.00 £275.00 £350.00

ServiceCare Complete Plan Figures

  • Sprinter - from £47.67 a month**
  • Vito - from £49.88 a month**
  • Citan - from £23.53 a month**

ServiceCare Complete Plan

Many businesses, particularly those operating a number of vans, maintain their cashflow with our ServiceCare Complete Plan. As long as your van is less than five years old at the end of the plan, you can tailor a maintenance package according to your business’s specific requirements and spread the cost without extending your credit lines.

With a ServiceCare Complete Plan, all the variable and unforeseen costs of running your vehicles simply disappear for the life of the agreement. This doesn’t just maintain cashflow, it also saves considerable time, paperwork and administration. And the real beauty is the flexibility – your Dealer will help create a bespoke plan for your business, but ultimately, what’s covered is up to you, making forecasting much more straightforward. 

Your Service Care Plan includes the following as standard during the life of the agreement**

  •  All services (as required according to vehicle servicing schedule - determined by ASSYST
  • All MOT test fees
  • All friction components – e.g. wiper blades, brakes and clutch components
  • Repair or replacement of all engines, gearboxes, alternators, axles, bearings and mechanical components*
  • All electrical components fitted at factory, including engine management systems and air conditioning
  • VOSA inspections where applicable

You can then customise you Plan by adding cover for the specifics you require, including: 

  • Tyres (includes damage and punctures)
  • Ancillary equipment such as tail-lifts and fridges – including servicing according to the manufacturer’s guidelines

ServiceCare Complete Plan figures

The figures below show typical costs for our ServiceCare Complete Plan. The actual cost depends on how you use your vans, your estimated annual mileage, what you would like to include and how you prefer to budget - talk to your Dealer for tailored proposal. 

  • Sprinter - from £47.67 a month***
  • Vito - from £49.88 a month***
  • Citan - from £23.53 a month*** 

*Prices exclude VAT. Participating dealers only.

**Terms and conditions apply

***Based on a manual vehicle, 15,000 miles a year, local tradesman operation, with monthly payments spread across 36 months. Prices exclusive of 20% VAT.