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Finance Lease.

How Finance Lease Works. 

How finance lease works

Finance lease features include: 

  • Fixed regular payments enable you to easily budget.
  • Payments are not based on annual mileage.
  • The vehicle is an asset on the balance sheet, therefore tax allowances may be deducted from taxable profits.

At the end of your agreement you have three options to choose from:

  • Extend your agreement: continue to use the vehicle for a further agreed period and pay a ‘peppercorn’ payment equal to one month’s rental per annum.
  • Sell your vehicle to an independent third party: we will invoice the third party and return 95% of the sales proceeds to you.
  • Return the vehicle and we will sell it on your behalf: we will sell the vehicle on your behalf and will return 95% of the proceeds to you (minus any reseller fees). 

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Frequently Asked Questions. 

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