Mercedes-Benz Non-motor Insurance

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Mercedes-Benz Tyre and Alloy Insurance.

Mercedes-Benz Tyre and Alloy Insurance has been designed to help you keep your tyres and alloys in showroom condition. This product allows you to make a claim for accidental and malicious damage made to your tyre(s) and/or alloy(s).

How Tyre and Alloy Insurance works.

In the event of accidentally kerbing or scuffing your tyre or alloy wheel,
Mercedes-Benz Tyre & Alloy Insurance will cover this damage, assisting you in maintaining a showroom appearance.

If your vehicle has been financed with Mercedes-Benz Finance,
Mercedes-Benz Tyre & Alloy Insurance may help prevent additional charges when returning your Mercedes-Benz at the end of your agreement. Click here to see full Vehicle Return Standards.

Why choose Mercedes-Benz Tyre and Alloy Insurance?

  • You can choose the term of your policy from 24, 36 and 48 months to complement the length of time you plan to own your Mercedes-Benz.
  • You are covered for 5 tyre replacements and 6, 8 or 10 alloy replacements (depending on your policy term), up to your total claims limit as detailed in your policy schedule, throughout the policy duration.
  • European cover as standard.
  • When making a claim, your motor insurance no claims bonus will not be affected.
  • A £25 excess is payable for each claim per tyre and/alloy you make.
  • The insurer will replace alloy wheels to Mercedes-Benz specifications, with a remanufactured alloy wheel.
  • When making a claim for a damaged tyre the tread depth must be above 2mm anywhere across 75% of the width of the tyre.
  • Cover available for wheels up to and including 23 inch.

Where can I purchase Mercedes-Benz Tyre and Alloy Insurance?

To make a claim.